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Many expediters are just trucking companies consigned to a limited range of freight services. Arrowhead Express offers a diverse range of services from Hot Shot deliveries,to small cargo and packages in a van or car. We have the ability to transport most any product. Intrastate only at this time.


If you are shipping truckloads or LTL shipments locally, nationally or internationally you can rely on the Arrowhead Express network to provide the expedited service you need for those your time-sensitive deliveries.  Same day, overnight or standard shipments are all tracked and managed by an experienced staff.


Each step of the way your shipment is monitored to make sure it arrives at its destination.  Your business relationships are dependent on getting the right materials to the right location when it is needed. When it has to get there you must rely on a company that has the trained staff and experience to do what is required to guarantee delivery.


Arrowhead Express  has the trained staff and expertise to manage your Expedited Truckload and LTL requirements. Our extensive network of regionally stationed equipment and drivers means that Arrowhead Express has the manpower and capacity where you need it when you need it. Take advantage of having a national, single source, single provider for all your Expedited  needs.  Working with Arrowhead Express Expedited means you can call one phone number, speak to our friendly, trained, and experienced staff and get the services you need 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


 •Expedited equipment from cars and vans 

 •Make a call to our office for all your expedited shipments



In addition, our experienced staff has the training to provide the special handling high value products require.

Hot Shot deliveries, from LTL and F/T loads that have to get from the origination point to the destination quickly and safely.


We can have a trailer pickup available for a live-load when you need a quick turnaround or we can drop off and pick up. 

Arrowhead Express  can also handle Hot Shot loads.  Our team can provide accurate and competitive pricing for your heavy equipment loads. Our quote will depend on the size, type of the load, origin, mileage and any special handling requirements. Quoting LTL, Truckload and Heavy Equipment depends on the size, weight, origin, destination and any special handling required. Since every load is different we will gather the details and provide best price to move your freight.


Call us for a quick quote.



Arrowhead Express  uses drivers and equipment stationed around the country to minimize the transit time and expense.




Call us any time of day or night; we are on-call 24/7

Arrowhead Express provides local messenger and courier service for the transport of your time sensitive packages. We have contracted with hundreds of companies in order for us to provide logistical services to get your packages and shipments to their destination safely and on time. Arrowhead Express Expedited has a network of Courier professionals that are ready, day and night, to get your valuable items to their destination to meet your deadlines.


We provide same day delivery in your town, across state. Whether your package is small or large, we can we have the resources to handle your transportation needs.


We have many customers that use our courier service to transport documents and other valuable and time sensitive materials on a regular schedule. Our scheduled courier services provide our customers with daily pick-ups of many types of repeating deliveries. From large palletized shipments to interoffice deliveries, Arrowhead Express is ready to provide you with delivery services  by car or by truck, just as we have been for over 10 years.

So, whether you’ve got samples, supplies, equipment, give us a call for the solution.  You will see the benefit of having one number to call and one  provider for all your  courier needs.


 Good afternoon Mike,

Thank you for the information. I would like to thank you and your staff for always doing such a great job!  Your company is always very professional, your deliveries are always timely and your staff could not be nicer.  It is a pleasure to do business with you and we appreciate your service. 

Ann L

“All of us would like to thank Arrowhead Express Expedited for doing such a wonderful job!! Your messengers are dependable, prompt, efficient, knowledgeable about the courts and their procedures, and are very reliable. When our law firm ever has an emergency filing or hand delivery, we can count on your services.”

E Golden, 

“Thank you, Mike. Hope you had a nice summer also. The service that Arrowhead Express Expedited provide to our company has been exceptional.
We appreciate your assistance.”

Thanks again.

Wesley J.

Before using Arrowhead Express Expedited we were using two other local carriers and neither was satisfactory. One day last year, we needed some items that had to be in FT.Smith by 5 p.m. After two companies could not guarantee delivery, we called a friend and she recommended your company. Continue your excellent service.

George Able

“We’ve been using Arrowhead Express Expedited to get our precious cargo hither and thither for years, in part because they accommodate our admittedly unreasonable hours, and in part because they employ some of the most polite and good-natured phone representatives in town, possibly the world.”

“Arrowhead Express Expedited has provided outstanding courier service for many years. The fact that your messengers are knowledgeable of our needs and available via cell phone is especially helpful when response time is critical. Your dedication and commitment to providing high quality service is apparent.”

J Ratliff